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Smart Hiring with AI Recruitment Software

AI recruitment utilizes artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to support recruiters in the hiring process. Max’s advanced AI recruitment software aids in identifying top talent and conducting behavioral assessments of candidates. With our AI recruitment solution, recruiters can focus on enhancing the candidate experience and achieving higher-quality hires.

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What role does intelligent recruitment play?

Smart recruitment, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, plays a pivotal role in modernizing and automating routine hiring tasks. This approach enhances the quality of hires, reduces bias, and allows hiring teams to use their time more efficiently. For organizations seeking to optimize their recruitment, AI-driven solutions provide a competitive edge in today’s dynamic job market.

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Machines as matchmakers expedite the initial selection process

Curate the ideal candidates for your job opening. Utilize candidate matching across resumes, job descriptions, locations, industries, and various metrics, bringing your search together in one convenient place.

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Identifying ideal candidates for a job opening is now easier with Max’s Candidate Matching. Quickly match the right candidate to an open role based on their experiences, skills, and proficiencies, and instantly compare their qualifications to other applicants.

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Max’s algorithm swiftly matches candidates to your job description criteria, even in extensive databases. Click “Find Matching Candidates,” and within seconds, receive a comprehensive list of suggested applicants.

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Efficiently find candidates by tagging the required skills for each job. Our robust advanced search feature enables you to locate candidates using keywords and skills, providing a percentage match rating for each record.

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Utilize the quick view tab to effortlessly examine diverse candidate profiles, applying filters based on sources, ratings, and more. Expedite the hiring process by evaluating candidates and administering pre-screening assessments with just a few clicks.

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Max’s Search provides the most pertinent candidates in your vicinity, right down to the zip code! Customize your search results by selecting both skills and location, saving time with our default data matched from your job descriptions.

Source talent instantly with Boosters.

Source Boosters, a potent recruitment AI tool, streamlines talent acquisition. Input job requirements, and like Max Recruit, swiftly scan job boards such as Resume Library, Nexxt, Monster, Career Builder, and Dice for matching profiles. Import into your candidate database to kickstart the recruitment process effortlessly!

Discover the person you need

Effortlessly explore countless profiles through our user-friendly yet sophisticated candidate search. Input fundamental criteria like job title or essential skills and leverage our advanced search filters to discover top talent instantly.

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Quickly access resumes

Effortlessly conduct a comprehensive search for resumes that align with your criteria. Recruit swiftly compiles a list of the most fitting candidates based on the instant search. Take a quick glance at their resumes to determine your next steps.

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Drag and drop

Identify candidates best suited for the opening, choose their resumes, and effortlessly add them to Max Recruit with just a click. Subsequently, move their candidate status to the next stage if they progress through additional interview rounds.

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Robust Resume Parsing

Max’s Resume Parser is efficient, quick, and precise. Utilizing AI and proprietary algorithms, our Resume Parser Mapping feature assists in standardizing and aligning the parsed resume structure with your organization’s supported form. Save time by mapping Max Recruit fields with the corresponding fields in the parsed resume.

AI-Enhanced Candidate Screening Workflow

Businesses differ, and so do their recruitment processes. With Max Recruit’s AI recruitment platform, you can modify existing custom fields, introduce additional custom fields, and include custom statuses for candidates. Automatically assign tasks to users when specific rules are activated. Any alerts, tasks, and field updates linked to the rule will also be initiated to enhance recruiter productivity.

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Smart Search

Swiftly search and retrieve records with Max’s Smart Search feature, initiating results as you type. Keywords are matched with records in the current module, and the corresponding results are promptly displayed. Access the quick view or detailed view of the record from the search results for additional information.

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Recruit individuals with the appropriate skillset

Specify essential and desirable skills for a job before publication. Max AI recruitment platform computes the skill score for each applicant, identifying suitable candidates within seconds.

Chatbots: A Contemporary Marvel

Communication is pivotal in shaping a candidate’s opinion about your organization. Max’s Chatbot, your AI assistant, collaborates with Max Recruit’s Career Site to keep candidates informed about job opportunities and track their applications, improving the overall candidate experience.

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