Increase hiring and retention of staff

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Integrate a top talent acquisition platform with your HRMS to expedite hiring and enhance the onboarding process. With just one window, recruiters can turn a successful hire into an employee with Max.

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Reduce the fatigue of recruiting

Max streamlines the hiring process by combining an applicant tracking system and a candidate relationship management platform, enabling HR departments to efficiently fill positions.

Choose from a large field of applicants
Handle interview questions and resumes
Use analytics to stay up to date with hiring trends
Convert a candidate to employee with just a click

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to manage your whole hiring requirements?

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Smart talent sourcing
Employee referral
Resume management
AI recruitment
Hiring pipeline
Smart talent sourcing
Recruitment automation

Get rid of paper procedures

Replace paper paperwork and manual data entry with a seamless experience for candidates using Max. Map and fill fields with candidate and job information, streamlining all HR procedures without switching platforms. This adaptable human capital management approach is more efficient.

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Transform applicants into hires

Utilize Max’s HR suite to seamlessly transition successful hires into employees. Changing a candidate’s status activates your Max account with the necessary privileges and access. From there, initiate onboarding and efficiently manage multiple applications within Max.

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Calculate the actual success of your hiring initiatives

Recruiters prioritize overseeing the hiring process, and Max’s hiring pipeline allows them to view applicants in different stages. Metrics such as time-to-hire, time-to-fill, and quality of hire are frequently used to gauge effectiveness and inform data-driven hiring procedures. This integration offers a comprehensive solution for the entire HR management lifecycle.

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Turn shifts on automatically

Max seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, providing a cohesive and connected ecosystem for HR, finance, and other critical business functions.

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