Shift Management

Empower yourself with total control over shift scheduling assignment management

Designed for efficient employee shift scheduling and seamless management of multiple rosters, Max HR’s shift management system is adaptable, dynamic, and tailored to your requirements. Easily define shifts, add employees, configure payouts, and automate shift rotations—all from a single, centralized platform.

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Assign employees to standard shifts or create new ones tailored to your preferences
Effortlessly implement automated shift rotations through our customized scheduler
Mark, track, and analyze breaks and allowances

Customize shifts to suit your teams

Regardless of the number of employees or the geographic distribution of your teams, craft shift schedules that prioritize both your workforce and customer needs. Revolutionize shift management and workforce optimization with Max HR.

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Stick to standard shifts or create new ones

Opt for pre-made shift templates for your entire workforce or customize them as needed. Easily adjust employee assignments, add or remove individuals from specific shifts, and edit shift details effortlessly. Our import function streamlines the process, saving you time and ensuring swift setup for new shifts.

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Accurate mapping and better insights with shift calendar

Effortlessly assign employees to designated shifts with a single click. Users can also be mapped to shifts based on their department, location, and designation. The shift calendar provides a comprehensive view of the upcoming months’ shift cycles for all employees. Easily toggle between weekly and daily views, and apply filters for enhanced insights.

Control every aspect of a shift

Shift scheduling involves more than adapting to time zones. Employees pay attention to various details when assigned to a shift, including shift-based holidays and allowances. Ensure better and more consistent clarity for your employees by defining weekends, breaks, and allowances for each shift.

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Automate shift rotations

Bid farewell to manual shift rotation management. Utilize the shift scheduler to automatically configure and rotate shifts. Simply set the shift frequency, time, and duration, then submit. This scheduler can be configured across departments and designations, saving your team hours of manual labor.

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Manage breaks

Establish and oversee breaks for all your shifts effortlessly. Allocate specific break times and configure them as payable or non-payable. Opt for automatic or manual breaks, exploring various options to simplify break management with Max HR.

Get real-time notifications

Ensure your employees stay informed about shift swaps, schedule changes, and other crucial shift details. Real-time notifications are sent directly to their mobile and web-based devices, fostering transparency in your workplace and motivating employees by keeping them well-informed.

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