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Empower Your Decisions with Dynamic Dashboards and Comprehensive Reports

Unlock the power of data with our intuitive Max HR Dashboard and Reports. Dive into dynamic visuals for a real-time understanding of your workforce, while detailed reports provide in-depth insights. Make informed decisions that drive success, guided by the comprehensive analytics at your fingertips.

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Keep abreast of changes in the workforce.

Recognize problems early and develop proactive fixes
Using just one software, create a thorough study of every HR function.
Boost visibility for all stakeholders, including the C-Suite, HR personnel, managers, and teams.

Informed HR Decision Making

Max offers thorough data for every HR procedure, making it easy yet effective to maximize your personnel initiatives. We can provide you with attendance patterns, project updates, and staff performance.

Provide workers with the information they require

Max makes sure everyone in your team is properly informed about the task they are doing. They will have more tools to succeed in their tasks and get better over time, including time records, project status, scheduled vs. worked hours, targets, and assessment ratings.

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Provide team reports to managers to empower them

Empower managers with Max’s information access. Provide reports on resource availability, continuous review score, project status, and more for effective planning and robust leadership strategies.

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Inform executives on current business practices

Your organization’s senior executives can achieve even greater success with improved data. Among the many data Max provides to keep your top executives informed are hiring vs. attrition statistics, staff diversity reports, employee headcount, and complete reporting regarding payroll details.

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Cutting-edge HR analytics for all facets of your company

It’s critical that various apps you use for your business connect with one another. This provides you with a more thorough analysis of the procedures used by your company and their interrelationships. Because Max connects with Max Analytics, you can analyze your workforce in great detail on both a macro and micro level.

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Examine your reports in more detail

Examine your workforce metrics in great detail. Find out which department is doing well, which work location has the highest attrition rates, and a lot more. Obtain a thorough study and establish a course for anticipatory decision-making.

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Clients value these readily available reports:

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Payroll at a glance

With real-time insights, dynamic visualizations, and a user-friendly interface, this widget offers a comprehensive overview of individual and team payroll metrics. Simplify decision-making and enhance efficiency with a quick, yet detailed, glimpse into salaries, deductions, and bonuses. Experience the power of informed payroll management

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Real-time Attendance

Real-time attendance, facilitated by QR codes through a mobile app with geo-fencing, offers a streamlined solution for precise monitoring. Using smartphones, individuals check in/out via QR codes, while geo-fencing ensures location-specific accuracy. This technology is ideal for mobile workforces, providing up-to-the-minute attendance data with added security. The combination of QR codes and geo-fencing reflects a modern, efficient approach to attendance tracking.

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Organization Productivity

Elevate efficiency effortlessly! This widget offers real-time insights and user-friendly visualizations for a quick overview of team and individual productivity. Make informed decisions on the fly, and empower your team for success!

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Diversity Overview

Instant insights into diversity! This widget provides real-time data and clear visualizations for a swift overview of the nationality distribution within your organization. Effortlessly track demographic trends and make informed decisions for a more inclusive workplace.

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