Leave Management

A simple time off management tool loved by your Team Accountant HR Line Managers

Escape the complexities of time off tracking and calculations with Max HR. Say goodbye to the chaos of intricate systems and spreadsheets. With Max HR, you can effortlessly create PTO policies tailored to each location, establish entitlements, oversee holidays, and much more. Experience a swift, efficient, and user-friendly solution.

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Leave Policy Compliance
Instant access to employee leave history
Mobile leave applications and approvals
Multi-location time off and holiday management

Manage time off the easy way

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Truly customizable leave policies

Every organization has unique time-off requirements influenced by its culture, size, industry, legal guidelines, and more. With Max HR, you can implement new leave types and tailor policies for specific locations, job roles, or departments. Max HR is designed to meet your specific needs consistently.

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Time off management tailored to you

Max HR’s remarkably flexible settings empower you with total control over your leave system. Determine whether to consider holidays and weekends as days off, configure how days off integrate into your pay periods, choose the duration for each leave type, and more!

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Manage absenteeism with the real-time attendance

Efficiently handle absenteeism by leveraging the power of real-time attendance tracking. Stay on top of workforce presence, identify patterns, and address attendance issues promptly with our cutting-edge solution. Maximize operational efficiency and foster a proactive approach to workforce management.

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Create your holiday calendar

Establish and oversee holidays according to each work location in your portfolio! Assign tailored policies based on specific regions or shifts for effective holiday management.

Self-service for employees and managers

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Time off dashboard

Our comprehensive dashboard provides a summary of all applicable PTO for employees, detailing the days they’ve taken and what’s remaining. It also displays upcoming holidays, planned time off dates, and those that are still available for claiming.

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Time off calendar

The time-off calendar keeps managers informed about holidays and team members on leave, enabling them to check employee availability and plan work distribution more effectively.

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Leave requests and approvals

Employees can submit leave requests from anywhere using the web or our mobile app. Simply input the specified dates, provide the reason, and Max HR will handle the rest. Email and push notifications will be sent to the respective manager for approval. It’s as straightforward as that!

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Leave Grant

Handling special time-off requests such as maternity or paternity leaves, as well as those related to Covid, which fall outside existing leave entitlements, can be challenging without proper processes in place. The leave grant feature in Max HR streamlines this process, facilitating a seamless approval flow and ensuring that special time-off requests are tracked without any complications.

Insights at your finger tips

Max HR provides immediate access to this information precisely when you need it. Additionally, you receive comprehensive reports on employee availability, daily activities, and user-specific details. These reports seamlessly integrate within Max HR, facilitating enhanced planning for HR initiatives and scheduling.

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