Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Cutting-Edge Recruitment Tools to Swiftly Identify and Onboard Top Talent

Revolutionary Hiring Solutions for Consistently Acquiring Top Talent

Similar to how the early bird secures the worm, the swift and astute recruiter captures the finest candidates. To provide employers with a crucial edge, Meet Max recruiting software maintains meticulous organization of applicant information throughout every stage of the hiring process. This allows you to concentrate on discovering the ideal talent for the job and crafting an exceptional candidate experience.

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“Meet Max enabled us to hire 110 staff for COVID-19 clinics in just two weeks, a task deemed impossible before. Timing our adoption of Meet Max was a crucial decision that we're immensely thankful for.”

Sylvia Decker | Human Resources and Operations Manager | The Center for Family Medicine

An Exceptional Hiring Journey They'll Share with Friends.

Crafting a seamless hiring process is paramount. Without it, the risk of losing top talent to competitors looms large, potentially damaging your employer brand. Meet Max transforms the hiring journey into a candidate-friendly experience, guaranteeing timely communication at every evaluation stage. This ensures that applicants feel not just acknowledged, but well-informed. With Meet Max, your hiring team shines like all-stars, and your reputation soars to new heights.

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Collaborative Hiring Made Easy with Team-Focused Recruiting Software

Simplify the hiring process with Meet Max is recruiting platform, where custom permissions facilitate seamless collaboration among stakeholders and team members at every stage. Automatic alerts and in-system messaging eliminate communication gaps, while centralized candidate data effortlessly syncs to both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring real-time alignment for everyone involved.

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Ensure Timely Delivery of Offer Letters with Our Efficient Hiring System

On the candidate’s end, embracing an offer becomes as straightforward as sending an email, thanks to electronic signatures. No longer will there be a need to search for a printer or a fax machine, as Meet Max simplifies and accelerates the entire acceptance process. Experience a hiring solution that doesn’t just keep pace but sets a new standard for efficiency.
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Meet Max® Hiring: Elevate Your Recruitment with Our ATS App for iOS and Android

Recruiting doesn’t stick to a nine-to-five schedule, and it doesn’t care if you’re stuck in traffic. But thanks to the Meet Max® Hiring mobile app, your hiring team can post jobs on the go and begin reviewing candidates the instant they submit an application. Collaborators can see resumes, view responses to candidate questions, and provide ratings and feedback from home, the beach, or even the carpool lane. Just not from the driver’s seat, please.p.
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Revolutionizing Your Hiring Process for Better and Faster Results

Enhance your hiring process with Meet Max recruiting software, equipped with robust reports and analytics. Uncover the intricacies of your time-to-hire, pinpoint bottlenecks, and identify inconsistencies effortlessly. This cutting-edge recruiting solution empowers you to hire with greater efficiency, elevate the candidate experience, and optimize your employer brand.
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Effortlessly Share Job Openings Across Multiple Platforms with Just a Few Clicks
Attracting high-quality candidates can be hard with all of the noise in today’s job market, but in just a few clicks, Meet Max recruiting software lets you share job postings across multiple top-performing channels. Now you can cut through the noise and reach top candidates right where they’re searching, on job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter, and on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
An Exceptional Hiring Journey Calls for an Equally Outstanding Onboarding Experience.
At Meet Max, we understand that the hiring journey extends beyond the offer letter. Our comprehensive hiring software ensures a smooth transition from recruitment to onboarding, eliminating any disruptions. With Meet Max, hiring managers gain the flexibility to tailor new hire packets, providing valuable insights into what to anticipate on day one. This includes personalized introductions to the new team and the strategic assignment of key onboarding tasks, guaranteeing that employees are well-prepared and ready to hit the ground running from the moment they step into the workplace.
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We are better informed during the hiring process than most organizations because of Meet Max. It enables us to make higher quality hiring decisions.


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