Attendance Management

Empower your workforce with attendance management

Ditch cumbersome Excel sheets and embrace efficient employee attendance management. Our cloud-based system allows you to generate insightful reports, regularize attendance, and empowers on-site and remote employees to check in from anywhere.

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Clarifies employee absence and attendance patterns
Aids in monitoring work hours
Simplifies payroll calculations
Compiles data for better decision-making

Enable your employees

Enhance planning with real-time employee absence data. Keep your mobile workforce agile with IP and location-based attendance. Improve engagement by enabling check-ins, attendance viewing, and regularization requests through the web and mobile app.

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Empower your employees to check in securely from anywhere using the web or mobile app. IP and geo-restrictions ensure safety, allowing teams to access work from authorized locations or devices, maintaining high productivity.

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Capture attendance effortlessly by snapping a picture. Embracing remote work, Max employs facial recognition via our mobile app or web, automatically verifying the image with the AI-powered profile image.

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Max’s attendance management module offers four distinct views, providing employees with clear insights into their check-in and check-out times, overtime details, absences, and more. This enhances the ability of both employees and managers to plan more effectively.

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In the event of a technical or manual error leading to the non-recording of attendance, employees can request the correction of the entry. The manager is promptly notified and can review and approve the requested change.

Adaptable settings based on user preferences

Max provides customizable settings to meet your organization’s needs. Define attendance preferences, from strict to lenient, and configure the system to track tardiness, overtime, and more. Personalize the experience for your employees with these flexible settings.

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Scheduler for absences

Managing attendance and converting leaves can be challenging, especially for large organizations. Our absence scheduler alleviates this burden, simplifying the process of converting absences into days off. Like other settings, this feature is customizable and can be triggered at a designated time.

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Configuration of pay periods

Easily configure pay periods for different locations, define the cycle, and set the payroll processing date using Max. The system utilizes recorded working hours to calculate employee payouts.

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The permissions feature empowers the admin to access attendance reports, remaining time, and control specific features like web check-ins. Admins can also choose the method of calculating total work hours, whether based on the number of check-ins and check-outs or the selected mode of evaluation.

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Produce reports

Access attendance summaries for your organization. Generate and utilize these reports to observe key trends across teams, departments, and locations, such as identifying consistently early or late arrivals. Gain an analytical perspective on logged attendance and work hours.

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