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Access essential headhunting tools for finding the perfect fit for your business. Our recruitment software facilitates a robust executive search process, enabling seamless collaboration with candidates, clients, and vendors for both retained and contingent searches.

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Create a foolproof executive search strategy

Establish a compelling employer brand
Specify essential and preferred skills
Identify efficient candidate sourcing channels
Specify essential and preferred skills
Establish benchmarks
Standardize the interview process
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Recruit top-tier talent

Executive searches often demand a distinctive sourcing strategy, given that the ideal candidates are predominantly passive. Our Source Boosters feature simplifies the process of locating candidates from diverse sources.

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Harness Employee Referrals

Your employees likely have interacted with numerous potential candidates throughout their careers. Leveraging their network can prove highly beneficial for sourcing candidates for executive-level roles.

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Cultivate Strong Client Relationships

Given the significant impact executive roles have on your organization, effective client communication is vital in finding the ideal fit. Our client portal facilitates clear communication with your clients and ensures consistent client record-keeping.

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Define and Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Executive hiring costs can escalate without accurate metric tracking. With Max Recruit, you can monitor crucial metrics such as job age, time to fill, and time to hire. Access related reports through Max Analytics for comprehensive insights.

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Construct a Skillset Matrix

Prior to commencing the hiring process, it’s essential to collaborate with clients and develop a skillset matrix for each role. Utilize Max Recruit to create a matrix and leverage AI for automatic scoring and matching of candidates based on their skills.

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Establish a Career Site

A career site plays a pivotal role in your employer branding efforts. Max Recruit assists you in crafting a robust career site that is mobile-friendly, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your candidates.

Connect with Peers in the Field

Establishing connections with fellow recruiters is essential for maintaining a strong presence in executive recruitment. Our Vendor Management System (VMS) portal facilitates this by simplifying collaboration and vendor management.

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