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Smart Hiring with AI Recruitment Software

AI recruitment utilizes artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to support recruiters in the hiring process. Max’s advanced AI recruitment software aids in identifying top talent and conducting behavioral assessments of candidates. With our AI recruitment solution, recruiters can focus on enhancing the candidate experience and achieving higher-quality hires.

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What is the necessity for recruiting CRM software?

Recruiters must establish meaningful connections with both clients and candidates to ensure the smooth operation of a business. Cloud-based CRM for recruiters empowers hiring managers to:

Minimize time-to-hire by eradicating manual data entry and constructing proactive hiring pipelines, enabling active engagement with candidates.
Effortlessly include and review candidate data while on the move through Max’s mobile recruiting feature.
Establish stronger connections with candidates, gain a comprehensive perspective on your job listings, and ensure candidates are well-informed.
Boost productivity with collaborative hiring. Speed up colleague responses with @mentions, add comments, and streamline the hiring process for faster outcomes.

Sourcing candidates

Securing top-notch candidates is crucial for any company. Therefore, recruiters should prioritize the challenging task of identifying and engaging these valuable assets.

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Draw in top talent by highlighting your brand and showcasing what sets your organization apart. Craft a compelling first impression for your company through an appealing career site.

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Effortlessly handle your job requirements through the vendor portal. Recruiter vendors can access all posted job requisitions on the portal and present the most suitable candidates for your needs.

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Access millions of online job seekers instantly. Utilize Facebook job posting and Apply with LinkedIn features to connect with individuals who meet your criteria in seconds.

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Leverage your workforce as sourcing extensions by encouraging employees to recommend candidates from their networks.

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Effortlessly discover talent using Max’s Source Booster, saving time and streamlining the process. Conduct unlimited profile searches, swiftly access resumes, and seamlessly add candidates to your Recruit database.

Tracking Applicants

Improve decision-making with advanced analytics for hiring. Convert data into dynamic, accurate dashboards and charts for constant updates.

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Gain a comprehensive overview of the hiring pipeline. Monitor candidate status throughout the recruitment process, from screening to hiring.

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Enhance decision-making with data-driven insights. Track key performance indicators such as time-to-fill, time-to-hire, job age, and offer acceptance rate.

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Understand candidate origins and monitor job openings through sourcing summaries. Evaluate the performance of each job board to expedite the selection of high-quality hires.

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Address bias and evaluate candidate skills using predefined questions. Establish a structured hiring process to ensure consistent and fair assessment of every candidate.

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Accelerate background checks by 35% through Max’s integration with Checkr. Export candidate details directly to Checkr and automatically generate reports in your recruit database.

Management of Resumes

Efficiently upload, parse, and search for resumes with the speedy and effective resume management system of Max.

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Resume parser

Minimize clicks by utilizing Max’s resume parsing tool, extracting details to populate candidate, contact, and job records seamlessly.

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Resume inbox

Eliminate the time spent searching through emails for resumes. Automatically parse resumes from any email account directly into your recruit database.

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Resume extractor

Discover a compelling resume online that matches your job description? Max’s Chrome browser plugin can extract content from nearly any webpage and seamlessly add it as a candidate record to your account.

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Formatted resume

Create personalized resume formats and brand them with your company theme before presenting them to your clients.

Team-Based Hiring

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Client Portal

Maintain effective communication with your clients and foster meaningful conversations. Utilize the Client Portal to create new job openings, provide feedback on candidates under review, and make interview decisions.


Ensure continuous engagement by never missing messages or calls from your candidates and clients. Send interview reminders, take notes during or after calls, and manage various communication tasks seamlessly.

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Keep your team informed with @mentions. Similar to other tagging features, Max’s @mentions send push notifications, ensuring your team stays updated and engaged.

Automated Recruitment

Enhance the efficiency of your entire recruitment process by automating time-consuming tasks. Set up pre-defined automatic replies, alerts, notifications, and more using our recruitment software.

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Specify essential and desirable skills for a job before publication. Max AI recruitment platform computes the skill score for each applicant, identifying suitable candidates within seconds.


Streamline your recruiting process with predefined rules. Once triggered, these rules prompt corresponding actions such as alerts, tasks, and field updates, automating the process efficiently.

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Reporting hierarchy

Establish controlled access to information by configuring your organization’s hierarchy structure according to roles and reporting managers.

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