How to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected

Hey there! Are you managing a team of remote or hybrid workers and feeling disconnected from them? We get it. It’s hard to keep your team members engaged and motivated when they’re working from different locations. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four ways on how to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected: 

    1. Leverage technology to facilitate communication

Let’s face it, without face-to-face communication, remote work can feel lonely. Luckily, technology has made it easier for us to stay connected with our team members. Video conferencing and instant messaging apps can help bridge the gap between remote workers. Richard Branson said, “Technology has transformed the way we work, and it has never been easier to stay connected with remote workers.” So, let’s use it to our advantage!

     2. Schedule regular check-ins

Do you want to show your remote and hybrid workers that you value their contributions to the team? Then, schedule regular one-on-one meetings with them. These check-ins can help build a stronger relationship with remote workers, and it shows that you care about their tasks and concerns. Jennifer Christie, Twitter’s Chief Human Resources Officer, said, “Communication is key when it comes to keeping your remote team members engaged and productive.” So, let’s communicate regularly with our remote workers.

   3. Encourage virtual team-building activities

Who says team-building activities are only for physical workplaces? Virtual team-building activities can be just as effective in building strong relationships among remote workers. Harvard Business Review reported that 46% of remote workers feel that their work relationships suffer due to being physically distant. Virtual game nights or happy hours can help build connections among team members and create a sense of community. Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, said, “Virtual team-building activities are a great way to bring remote workers together and foster a sense of belonging.” So, let’s encourage our team members to bond virtually.

   4. Foster a culture of inclusivity

Are you aware that inclusivity is critical for creating a positive work environment, especially when managing a remote or hybrid team? It’s essential to ensure that all team members feel included and valued, regardless of their location or work arrangement. Buffer reported that 19% of remote workers feel disconnected from company culture. Creating a culture of inclusivity can help remote workers feel like they belong and contribute to the company’s overall goals. Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Workplace Strategist, said, “Inclusivity is essential for creating a positive work culture, especially for remote workers who may feel disconnected.” So, let’s make sure we’re inclusive with our team members, wherever they are.

So to end this discussion, let it be understood that by leveraging technology, scheduling regular check-ins, encouraging virtual team-building activities, and fostering a culture of inclusivity, we can create a positive work environment where remote workers feel valued and motivated and leaves no room for feelings of isolation or boredom. Let’s keep our remote and hybrid workers connected!

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