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Max HR enables a worldwide network of over 250,000 businesses across 180 countries to increase lead conversion, interact effectively with customers, and boost revenue growth.

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Here's how a CRM can assist you


Enhanced lead conversion rates.


Boost in revenue per sales representative.


Enhanced customer retention.


Reduced sales cycles.


Lowered sales and marketing expenses.

*Growth metrics as reported by
our customers in an internal survey.

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Gain a full business overview.
Monitor crucial sales and marketing prospects.
Swiftly identify your most advantageous next steps.
Enhance the rate of converting leads into deals.
Take your business with you, anytime, anywhere.

What makes Max HR stand out?

Keep staff informed about shift changes and important details via real-time notifications on mobile and web devices, fostering workplace transparency and motivation.

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Management of Leads and Contacts

Attract high-quality leads, nurture them, and convert them into satisfied, paying customers. Access a comprehensive overview of all customer information—including personal details, past communications, and more—within a unified platform.

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Automating processes

Free your sales team from spending valuable time on administrative tasks by automating routine and mundane activities using workflows and macros. This enables your team to concentrate on acquiring clients and finalizing deals.

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Integrated CRM across multiple channels

Engage with your customers through various channels including email, telephony, social media, and live chat using a real-time notification system. Foster stronger and enduring relationships by making meaningful connections.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence)

With Max HR AI, access an interactive interface to your CRM data. Receive predictions that assist in prioritizing deals with the greatest likelihood of closure, pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks, and prioritize responses based on customer email sentiment, among other capabilities.