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Fair Conditions with High Commission and Strong Brand Power

Enhance your product portfolio by adding Max! Resell, customize, implement, and earn profits of up to:

from each sale
from any value-added services
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Over 1800 partners worldwide are generating profits with the assistance of Max HR

Ideal for web developers and business consultants

Additionally, suitable for CRM integrators, business coaches, digitalization specialists, and other IT business professionals.

Consulting and Sales Services
Max offers powerful business tools, addressing various daily challenges for clients. With affordable pricing, each sale ensures instant profit, benefiting both you and your clients.
Implementing Projects
Max project implementations offer opportunities for profit by delivering value-added services such as product installation, customization, 3rd party integration, app development, and training to meet the unique needs of your clients.
Sales Repetition and Post-Sale Support
As your Max client’s business grows, their requests for additional seats or modules can generate up to 80% extra profit. Stay connected and reap the rewards through upgrades and renewals.

What advantages do you gain as a Max Partner?

Clear and transparent partner program terms, no entry fees or hidden costs, and a rapidly expanding SaaS product.

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Generous commission
Earn up to 50% commission from each sale and 100% from any additional services you offer to Max clients.
Initiate your success with a Kick Start Bonus!
Certainly! Receive a $1000 credit to use towards your initial Bitrix24 products, covering your startup costs.
Access free leads!
Receive potential or existing clients looking to set up, customize, or purchase Bitrix24. You’ll get leads from various locations beyond your initial country of registration.
Receive complimentary copies of Max for yourself!
Upon registration, enjoy a complimentary premium Max subscription! Introduce Max to your team and explore the limitless possibilities of our product.
Access Marketing Support
Access diverse marketing resources: presentations, charts, whitepapers, certificates, logos, badges, etc. Qualified Partners can utilize our official blogs, social media, and newsletters for wider outreach.

A product you'll surely love!

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A set of 5 vital business tools

A contemporary solution for modern companies a comprehensive set of tools for collaboration, sales management, promotion, engagement, and growth all in one product. Discover more about Max.

In great demand

With over 10,000 Max sign-ups worldwide, and our momentum is just beginning. The product perfectly caters to the demand for organizing the digital workspace for companies of all sizes.

Extremely captivating

Delegating tasks, calling clients, preparing newsletters all within Max. The convenience of working in one place every day is incredibly addictive.

Complimentary for our Partners

Enjoy the top-tier Max subscription for free! Uncover how Max can elevate your company’s capabilities and propel your productivity to new heights.

Partnering with Max is an excellent experience.

Max Partner Network is a global community of entrepreneurs, IT professionals, business analysts, and developers united to create an all-purpose software solution for global businesses. As a vendor, we support our partners’ growth and aim for high transparency and productivity.

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Partnership is more than just sales. Every Partner is a valued friend, encouraged to actively contribute to Max product roadmap development, join webinars, or participate in offline events like tradeshows and workshops. Collaborative efforts among Partners, whether from the same or different locations, often lead to successful Max project implementations.

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Training and Assistance

As a Max Partner, you receive a complimentary product copy to explore all features and modules. You also gain access to product documentation and API. We conduct free webinars for our Clients and Partners, keeping you informed about all product updates and discount campaigns throughout the year.

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Promotional Support

We create and manage marketing resources for our Partners to streamline their promotional efforts, both online and offline. From product presentations and comparison charts to white papers, certificates, logos, and badges, we’ve got you covered!

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Outstanding Terms

Trust and transparency are vital for establishing a robust and mutually beneficial partnership. The Max Partner Program is clear and straightforward, with no setup fees or hidden costs. Benefits and requirements for each partner’s status are fair and consistent.

Praise from Our Clients

Check out success stories from partners using Max. Being a Max Partner is fantastic!

Sign up and start earning!

We’ll reach out to you promptly to address any additional questions.

Finish the training
Claim your free premium subscription, complete the new partner course, and unlock a $1000 kickstart bonus. Dive into our courses tailored for sales teams or developers to enhance your Max expertise.
Commence Max promotion
Access marketing resources, endorse Max on your website, and inform your clients. As a bonus, receive free leads from us! Pick up the phone and make those sales!
Generate profit!
Resell subscriptions or license keys and offer additional services to your Max clients! Hit your sales targets to reach a higher partner status, earning more and unlocking additional benefits.
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Have a question? check these answers.

There are no membership or set-up fees.

The partner program consists of three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level comes with its own set of benefits and requirements. While there are no minimum sales targets for the Bronze partner level, sales targets are established for Silver and Gold partners.

Max provides an extensive array of business tools that can elevate your clients’ business operations significantly. One product has the capability to address multiple daily challenges your clients may face. The combination of affordable pricing and immediate profit from each sale creates a mutually beneficial arrangement for both you and your clients.

The Max Partner Program operates as a direct reseller program. Max Partners can purchase license keys and commercial subscriptions at a discounted rate (20%, 40%, or 50%, depending on your Max Partner status) and resell them to end-users at the full price, with your Max Partner discount serving as your profit.

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