Functions to enhance your payroll processes

Unlock an elevated payroll experience with our feature-rich system. From automated calculations to customizable settings, streamline your payroll processes for enhanced efficiency and accuracy. Embrace a seamless, intuitive platform that eliminates manual complexities and empowers your business operations.

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Optimize your employee onboarding process

Navigate the proper path for workforce management from the moment you hire your first employee.

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Onboarding of employees
Effortlessly complete the entire onboarding process in four simple steps, allowing you to dedicate your employees’ first day to introducing them to mentors, supervisors, and colleagues.
Salary templates
Streamline onboarding using templates tailored to specific departments and designations, expediting the overall process.
Management of exits and terminations
We handle your employees’ exit process, automatically notifying them and sending pay slips to their email addresses.
Initial balance
Monitor outstanding employee loans originating from your prior payroll system.

Complete payroll within minutes

Streamlining payroll is our priority. Our intuitive features enable swift preparation, validation of payroll input, and effortless completion of payruns, ensuring that the process is quick and efficient.

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Insightful dashboard
Access upcoming pay runs, to-do tasks, and status updates conveniently in one place with our informative dashboard.
One-click payroll processing
Execute pay runs for your entire employee base with just a single click.
Payment schedule
Choose your pay date in accordance with your organization’s policy and standardize your payment schedule.
Review of payroll
If you hit the approve button too soon, Max allows you to revert your processed pay run and easily re-initiate the payroll process.
Targeted payments
Dynamically group, select, and make payments to employees, recording them in various ledgers of your choice.
Bonus payment processing
Celebrate your business’s record profits by rewarding your employees with bonuses and commissions through one-time payouts.
Wage adjustment
Automatically implement the revised salary for the month, eliminating the need for manual pro-rata calculations for each employee.
Automated loan repayments
Effortlessly auto-deduct EMIs for employee loans in just a few clicks.
Salary withholding
Suspend and resume salary payments for your employees with just a click.
Arrears for new joiners
Compensate your new employees on a pro-rata basis until they are added to the regular pay cycle.

Simplify demanding tasks effortlessly

Your toolkit for automating basic payroll tasks and staying ahead in managing your payroll operations.

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Previous payroll
Facilitate seamless mid-year transitions in payroll software by importing historical payroll data from other software or spreadsheets.
Comparative analysis report
Evaluate your monthly payroll spending by comparing payroll data, either component-wise or employee-wise, using ready-made reports.
Automated alerts
Receive personalized notifications for upcoming pay runs, employee document expiry, or confirmations. Max ensures timely alerts to guide you in taking the right actions.
Pre-designed email formats
Customize email templates with a personal touch for automated messages, whether it’s for paying employees or inviting them to access their self-service portal.
Employee workplace
Establish multiple work locations to efficiently manage your distributed workforce and easily track payroll across different sites.
User accounts and roles
Invite qualified staff to handle payroll processing while retaining control through finely-grained user roles and permissions.
Mass import/export
Effortlessly transfer your existing payroll information from spreadsheets in a single operation.
Email templates
Personalize user invitations, payslip notifications, or employee invitations in emails without manual effort.

Ensure legal compliance for your business

Advance your business without letting compliance impede your progress.

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Social security compliance
Recruit, oversee, and compensate individuals throughout the UAE. We assist you in automatically contributing to pension schemes.
Wage Protection System (WPS)
Ensure punctual salary payments with automatically generated SIF files that comply with the Wage Protection System (WPS).
Recognize the dedication of your long-serving staff by providing timely end-of-service benefits as their tenure concludes.
Acknowledge the dedicated efforts of employees by compensating them with well-deserved overtime payments.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Effortlessly generate one-click reports that provide comprehensive insights into your payroll.

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Summary of payroll expenses
Monitor your organization’s payroll expenses closely with our summary report, providing the total cost at the click of a button.
Salary register for employees
Easily track payments to each employee, including hours worked, bonuses, overtime allowances, social security, and insurance, for a specified timeframe.
Summary of social security contributions
For employees working across the UAE, obtain a comprehensive overview of both employer and employee contributions to social security with just a single click.
Summary of payroll journal entries
Max automatically generates and consolidates payroll journal entries into a tidy and organized summary.
Summary of gratuity payments
Gain insights into your gratuity payout liability and contributions for all expatriates with ease.
Exporting reports
Regardless of the report you generate, export the data in multiple formats for a chosen timeframe, enabling deeper analysis and insights.

Your employees retain ownership of their information

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Access personal, salary, annual, and payment details for each employee in a centralized location.
Download payslips and access payroll information on the go through the mobile app.
Receive automated alerts for documents with expiration dates, ensuring timely attention and compliance.
Get instant notifications upon processing employee salaries.
Monitor borrowed loans and track repayment summaries.
Engage in real-time communication with your payroll administrators by asking clarifying questions.
Broadcast organization-wide announcements within the portal.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Effortlessly generate one-click reports that provide comprehensive insights into your payroll.

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Tailor-made for your requirements
Configure Max to operate according to your preferences, utilizing advanced customizations designed specifically for your organization’s requirements.
Tailor-made salary elements
Craft personalized compensation structures by incorporating earnings or deductions in alignment with your organization’s policies.
Personalized user accounts and roles
Offering a uniform interface while distinguishing roles within each department, eliminating unauthorized access.
Tailored alerts and reminders
Efficiently manage crucial payroll tasks by configuring personalized alerts and reminders.