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Max Recruit’s resume management streamlines the hiring process by parsing, formatting, and seamlessly transferring candidate information to your database.

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Analyze numerous resumes simultaneously

Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes during the hiring process. Max Recruit’s resume parser streamlines this by standardizing details and mapping them to your applicant tracking system fields. This feature enhances efficiency in parsing resumes.

Maximize parsing capabilities across diverse sources.
Automatically store resume data in the Recruit candidate database.
Efficiently extract resume details to populate candidate, contact, and job records.

Extract candidate details from websites

Max Recruit’s Resume Extractor for Google Chrome simplifies candidate sourcing. Highlight content on any webpage, click the icon in your browser’s toolbar, and effortlessly import candidate information into your Recruit database.

Select the desired information for import.
Click the Resume Extractor extension icon on your browser's toolbar.
The imported data will be stored as a candidate record, allowing parsing from LinkedIn or any other webpage.
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Create and structure resumes for brands

Facilitate seamless communication and serve as the primary liaison between your clients and candidates. Utilize Max Recruit’s ready-made and customizable resume templates to enhance your efficiency.

Substitute candidate contact details with your brand information.
Monitor candidate advancement during the hiring process.
Standardize candidate resumes and incorporate pertinent content to align with your brand.

Think inside the box

Ease the overwhelming influx of candidate and client emails for recruiters with Max Recruit. Streamline your inbox and optimize time management through our Resume Inbox feature, enabling you to:

Automatically extract resumes from Gmail and Outlook messages.
Directly import candidate details into Max Recruit.
Archive resumes submitted through job board applications.
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Upload resumes

Effortlessly integrate candidates into your Recruit account by copying and pasting resume text. Streamline record management, prevent duplicates, and utilize advanced settings to link candidate resumes with specific job openings.

Manage duplicate records effortlessly by choosing to skip, overwrite, or clone candidates' details.
Directly link a candidate to a specific job opening based on their resume.

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